Delivery of Love Letters

The final concern for love letters is the delivery. Personal delivery is best, and an element of surprise adds fun and playfulness to the relationship. Delivering the letter personally ensures immediate contact. Try to think of a location that is too obvious to be missed, yet private enough or reliable enough to be certain that the letter will find its way to the right person. On the windshield of your love’s vehicle, tucked into the screen of the front door, even delivered to the reception desk at their place of employment, are all options with some element of unexpected surprise.

If you share a space with the person, consider taping the letter to the bathroom
mirror, tucking it under their pillow or into a jacket pocket – somewhere they are sure to find it, but won’t know to look for it or to be expecting it. Watch carefully for the rewarding smile of discovery.

Though not absolutely necessary, some people opt to include a token or trinket
with their love letter during delivery. Some obvious choices include flowers, balloons, or a stuffed animal. But the token can be as simple as a ribbon tied around the note, a piece of fruit, a sprig of mint or a wildflower. The idea is to draw the eye to the letter so it won’t accidentally be missed, and to show one final, sensitive consideration to the reader.

Final Words

The pursuit of love is one of the most common human endeavors. But with a little
creativity and a lot of personal passion, it can be anything but common. I hope this guide helps to spark your passion and creativity, and increases your confidence in pursuing funfilled, loving relationships in your life. Enjoy!

And love – that’s what it’s all about!