Fun Love Letter Alternatives

If love letters become a regular part of an ongoing relationship, you will want to get creative and find fun ways to surprise your lover. Below are some suggestions to help you start thinking creatively.

Fairytale / fantasy letter

Begin with “Once upon a time…” and write memorable incidents that you have shared as if you were writing a fairytale. For example: “Once upon a time, a beautiful princess named Stella longed to visit the royal riding stable in the next kingdom. Stella was a kind princess with a fondness for all creatures. Her prince, Ronald, wanted very much to make Stella happy, and decided to surprise her with a day of riding the most exquisite horses in the country…”

Since fairytales are complete stories, you may choose to include secondary characters whom you would otherwise avoid in traditional love letters. Be certain, however, that the focus remains on the loved one as much as possible.

Prime Interest Letter

Another creative approach uses details and images from a lover’s prime interest to develop the letter. The interest can be any hobby, sport, or pastime, but be sure to focus on the things you both appreciate about it to keep the letter on a positive note:

“My darling Nick,

In this race called life, you are the hot rod that keeps my motor revved. I know that our love has the power, the speed, and the skill to stay on the track until we reach the checkered flag…”

List Letter

Another popular alternative in today’s busy culture is the list letter. Begin with a list heading such as “10 things I love about you” or “5 ways you make me happy” or something similar. Then simply create the list to go with your heading:

“5 emotions you bring out in me’
1. happiness
2. security
3. passion
4. joy
5. everlasting love

Short and Sweet: Love Notes

An alternative to the full-production love letter is a love note. Love notes are typically much shorter, just a few sentences, and less formal than a letter. Because of their simplicity, love notes lend themselves to many fun formats.

Here are just a few:

1. Write a collection of “I love you because…” one-line statements on post-it notes and stick them in a variety of locations all over the house.

2. Collect all of the one-liners and use them, along with photographs, ticket stubs, and other memorabilia, to create a collage.

3. Write your love notes on 3×5 inch cards. On the back of each card write clues that will lead your lover on a love note treasure hunt, ending with a gift or some other token or treasure.

With these considerations in mind, you can always find the right moments to share your thoughts with your loved one. Myself, I leave little mini love notes to be found here and there by my partner. A little “I Love You” note left by the breakfast cereal in the morning, or a note tucked into a luggage pocket during business trips all remind your partner how much they are loved.