I Miss You Love Letter


I wish you could come home early. I miss you so much. Minutes feel like hours and hours like days. And there are so many more days and weeks until you return to me. I want your arms and your touch. I yearn for your scent. The smell on your pillowcase is gone now and it brings me to tears. I wish that I could touch you and hold you as I fall asleep. My dreams are filled with memories of us but they are old memories and I want to make new ones with you. But you are so far away that the only memories being made are impressions on a mailbox as these letters get sent out.

Baby, give me a sign. Let me know that you love me and will be coming home soon. I need a shroud of hope to hang on to. Yes, you gave me a date but what does that mean? A date is just a number and it means nothing. There is no emotion with a date. No love. No sense of warmth or understanding. No human compassion or need. A date is cold. It is dark and unfeeling. It doesn’t make small talk. It does not offer late night kisses. I need your love.

Please come home to me. It’s getting cold again and I fear that you will not return to me. I have nightmares that you’ve found someone new. Someone more attractive and gentle. Someone who strokes your hair at night. Someone who is better than me. I know this all sounds really paranoid and neurotic but it’s just my silly ramblings and I have to let you know how I feel. I just miss you baby. I love you. Come home soon.


I Miss You Love Letter