Revise and Refine your Letter

The revision process is an opportunity to make your love letter the very best
document it can be. Hopefully, it will be treasured and read over and over again, so take some time to make it shine.

First, read your letter aloud. Sentences that make perfect sense on paper can
sometimes sound “clunky” or awkward when spoken out loud. Though your lover may never share this letter aloud with anyone, awkward sentence structure may still be noticeable to his or her “inner ear.” Re-word or remove any sentences that need to be fixed.

Next, underline any and all romantic words or images. These are any words
associated with love or romance. Here’s a sample list:


Read your letter again, this time looking for places to add MORE romantic imagery and wording.

Read your letter one more time, carefully checking spelling, punctuation, and
capitalization. If you are unsure of the spelling of a word, look it up or ask someone who is good at spelling. Don’t guess! Spelling is the easiest mistake to fix and, therefore, the most readily noticed mistake. You don’t want anything to indicate to your lover that you might be careless with the relationship, so fix the minor errors whenever possible!

Now, for your final editing decision. Should you write by hand or type your love
letter? All of the conventional sources of wisdom say to write to your beloved in your own handwriting on special paper whenever possible. This method is perceived to add a personal touch and suggests that you are willing to invest more time and energy in the relationship.

However, if you have horrifyingly BAD handwriting that can only be read by an
encryption specialist, then what good is an unreadable, handwritten letter? By all means, type the letter! In this technological age, there are plenty of stationary designs available online and a wide variety of beautiful fonts to choose from which may be used to personalize your love letter. Another legitimate reason to opt for a typed letter is in the case of a long-distance romance or temporary separation. In this case, it is not only appropriate to type your love letter, but also to deliver it electronically.

Whether handwritten or typed, complete the final draft of your letter carefully. Make it as perfect as you possibly can and prepare it for delivery. Be certain that it is clearly addressed to the right person, and enjoy the beginning of a lovely, romantic relationship.