Valentine’s Day Love Letter


I have one question for you…..will you be my Valentine? You better say yes. If you don’t then I sure want to know who the lucky guy is that gets to be your Valentine. All joking aside, Happy Valentine’s Day to the most wonderful wife a person could ever be so fortunate to be blessed with. You manage to do everything with a smile. You never complain (well, almost never but this is supposed to be really sappy and sentimental so we won’t get into that). You always look fabulous, even when you just wake up. You’re an amazing cook. An incredible kisser and even more, you love me.

I look back on all our years together and realize I am only the man I am because of you. I would be lost somewhere in the desert without any water and near death if it weren’t for you. Okay, so that may be an exaggeration but you know what I mean. It’s like Jerry Maguire said, “you complete me.” That may just be some silly movie line but it’s true. You do make me whole. I sure don’t know what it was I did right in life to manage to get a woman like you but I do feel really lucky. You have given me a happiness and pleasure that I have no right to expect. Your love is pure and beautiful beyond compare. I dream of us in the future with our family and think of all the wonderful things that have been given to me because of you.

Honey, if I could lasso the moon and give it to you I would. If I could fulfill your every desire and dream come true I would walk around the globe for the rest of my life to make it possible. But I can’t do these things. What I can do is promise that I will always be here for you to make you laugh and love you unconditionally. Your heart is my heart and my heart is yours. Happy Anniversary baby. Let’s have a bunch more to come!


Your Beloved - Valentine's-Day-Love-Letter